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Luke Takahashi


2022年からはオーストラリアへも拠点を広げ、2024年に1st Single「Sablier」をリリースし、独自の世界観を展開している。伝統的な和太鼓のサウンドが音楽と交わるLuke Takahashiのスタイルは、次世代の和太鼓音楽の象徴と言えるだろう

Luke Takahashi grew up surrounded by percussion instruments from a young age, starting taiko drumming under his father’s influence and beginning professional performance at the age of 14. With a blend of power, speed, and unique vocabulary in his play, he has participated in various projects and groups as a taiko drum soloist, performing at international festivals, supporting domestic artists, and concerts both domestically and internationally.
Since 2022, he has expanded his base to Australia and released his 1st Single “Sablier” in 2024, developing his own unique worldview. Luke Takahashi’s style, where the sound of traditional taiko intersects with music, can be considered a symbol of the next generation of taiko drum music.